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propose? A daring daylight robbery of Fort Knox on elephant back? That's the dumbest detail I at any time listened to!

Farnsworth: Try to remember, we've got to show these men and women we're not bitter husks of human beings who long ago deserted hope of acquiring really like On this lifetime. Leela, you'll have to carry out some performing. Leela (absolutely deadpan): Verify!

YMMV, but part of the Ghost in the Machines plot is Bender's ghost endeavoring to scare Fry to Dying, that has a disturbing element where Bender tasks a picture of Fry's head melting right into a cranium.

The huge indicator over the conveyor belt that Mom's gifts are put on. It is the harsh mechanical buzzing as being the concept adjustments that does it.

With all the enemy the people are battling in opposition to being giant balls, ball jokes are abound, nevertheless most of them remain hilarious, In particular this line as Bender and Henry Kissinger's head negotiate with their leaders:

Zapp: We were doomed in the start. Now all that's still left is with the captain to go down with the ship.

Bender, angry with the Robotic Devil, attempts to notify him to bite his shiny steel ass, but realizes that considering have a peek at this website the fact that he marketed his ass plate into the Satan, there is not any shiny steel ass to bite:

"Place. It appears to go on and on without end. But then you reach the end in addition to a gorilla starts throwin' barrels at you." And that is the initial line

When Bender examines the "bead" given towards the native Martians, he's left stammering just before going "Oh Main, you've manufactured me the happiest Woman Just Shoot Me season on the earth!" The Main straight away shoves Bender off himself.

Additional time-vacation shenanigans, when Leela encounters a version of Historic Greece ruled by robot gods, particularly this part of the expositon.

), and an enormous tarantula is ridden on to the see this website sphere by a participant. Even better is The point that The entire mess was predated by this exchange:

Bender satisfies the God-galaxy entity and tells it about how he was God once. The possibly-God delivers quite possibly the most utterly deadpan praise it could possibly:

(Fry and Bender go all the way down to the basement, and find the boiler performing up, with Scruffy sitting inside the corner reading a soiled mag)

's Seasonal Rot years when it experienced celebrity cameos (6 Larry Fowl clones excluded) and was more badly-published than usual, Moral Guardians (conservative and liberal) protesting above Saturday morning cartoons not becoming academic and staying also violent, And just how athletics (ex:golfing) shows generally air following a block of cartoons on network TV.

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